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Herbicide Alternatives in Urban Farming

Guest Post by Sebastian Aristizabal 

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world by commercial gardeners. It is found to be highly toxic and can cause many short-term and long-term health effects. Notably, research has linked long-term exposure to glyphosate to Parkinson's Disease.

To help educate those in the farming and gardening industries about this toxic chemical, we've created a comprehensive guide. It covers things like what it is used for, symptoms, and side effects. I am also including a second guide regarding roundup alternatives. I am also including our guide to non-toxic alternatives, please take a look:

These include manual or mechanical methods of weed pulling, such as small and large hand tools, tillers and other mechanical methods.

Natural or organic herbicides whose active ingredients are vinegar or essential oils are also an option. Ask your local home and garden center for organic or natural herbicides that do not contain glyphosate.

For more information, please contact :

Sebastian Aristizabal (He / Him)

International Outreach Specialist 

1 S. Orange Ave. Ste. 201 | Orlando, FL 32801 | (888) 645 - 1617

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